I have been walking dogs professionally over the past seven years and can say with confidence, Manny is one of my favorite dog walkers to run into on any day of the week. MANNY HAS SKILLS! and I have seen him do amazing healing work with the most challenging of dogs. If I could clone Manny, I would.


Manny is wonderful! He's been walking Jake for about a year now. He's reliable, very reasonable, and excellent with Jake. Jake is always thrilled to see Manny walk through our front door. Manny has also boarded Jake, on occasion, and I've been so happy to know Jake is in good hands. He even takes care of the pick-up and drop-off. Manny has the perfect "calm-assertiveness" a good dog handler should possess. I would definitely recommend his services.


My dog Aspen has always been a bit of a handful- Thankfully, we found Manny years ago and now every day she happily runs off with Manny as if she is going to Day Camp- Honestly, she skips into his car- Manny is reliable and loving, but nevertheless firm- I would recommend him to anyone !


Manny has been walking my dog for about five months, and I couldn't be happier. My pup has A LOT of puppy energy, and its so nice to come home to a tired and happy dog. Also, my dog's recall has been unbelievable since Manny started walking him. He will come when called in an instant, no matter what distractions are surrounding him. Manny is reliable, communicative and has just has great energy. I couldn't be happier with Manny, and recommend him to everybody!!

-signed, one happy owner, with a happy dog!


Manny is the best! He has been walking/training my dog for the past 3 months and I have seen amazing improvements! I have an older dog who had socialization issues. Now my dog is part of the pack, walks great on leash and gets excited every time he see's Manny. Manny has a genuine love for animals and takes great pleasure in seeing dogs get rid of their issues and just be a dog. He takes the dogs to a different place everyday, and makes sure they get their energy out. When Manny has boarded my dog, he takes such great care of him. He gets out multiple times a day and is well loved. If your looking for someone to help care for your pup, manny is the man!!!

16-JUNE-2010 – JULIE A

I was looking for an affordable, responsible dog walker and luckily I found Manny. Instantly I knew my dogs were in good hands. He's got great energy and he's just one of those people who loves, loves animals. I never have to worry and he's great at getting back to you if you have any questions. He leaves notes and lets you know what's going on with your pups. I have also called him last minute and he's been able to help me out in a pinch. I have recommended him to others and they all come back and thank me. So call him!

16-JUNE-2010 – KATE W

I agree - Manny is the best dog walker ever (and yes, I have had other dog walkers prior to him). Manny has been amazing with my babies! He has been taking my dog out regularly for almost 5 years now and we both couldn't be happier (she actually has a little crush on him)! In addition, Manny has taken on the challenge of incorporating my foster dog on his daily walks and has made major strides in training with him! PuppyPlay is amazing and worth every penny!

16-JUNE-2010 – DS

Manny is the worlds best dog walker. He has been walking our (very high energy) dog for around 5-6 years and I cannot say enough good things about him. When we moved crosstown one of our first concerns was if Manny could still make the logistics work (he did with no problem). We had a couple of very average dog walkers prior to using Manny and we, and especially our dog, couldn't be happier with him. Highly recommended!

15-JUNE-2010 – JAMES S

Has been walking my dog on and off for the last 4 years in Oakland. He's extremely reliable, well organized and trustworthy. My boy is able to get a solid walk in during the day when I am tied up at work. Without a doubt I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dog walker.