26-JUNE-2013 - NISA

I have a 20# french bulldog who is very sweet and energetic. She's very social and would love to go on walks while I'm at work. What would be your rate for this? I'd be looking for 1-2 times per week depending on my schedule.

Thank you!

17-JUNE-2013 - ERIK


My wife and I are moving to Oakland (Grand Lake area - near the safeway @ Grand & Sunnyslope) in a few weeks, and are trying to find a dog walker for our two dogs - a 19 lb rat terrier mix, and a 33lb hound mix. We currently use a dog walker (who we love) here in Pleasant Hill, and are looking for someone new in Oakland. We will need dogwalking services at least M-W-F, and possibly also Th, depending on pricing. Please let me know if you have availability to add two dogs to your mid-day schedule, and if so, what the cost would be.

Thank you!

10-JUNE-2013 - JAVIER

Hello there,

i'm currently living in jack london where there is not much green around and my dog is starting to refuse to go on walks. i m looking for a dog walker that could take him to a park or somewhere green or the water

5-JUNE-2013 - MOM

Website looks great!


My dog needs help with her recall and not pulling.



I am looking for someone to walk my dog at off leash parks during the week days. maybe every tuesday afternoon to start. what are your services and what is the cost?

thank you.


25-FEB-2013 - CHELSEA

Hi, I recently adopted a 5 month old dog, and was interested in talking to you about your dog walking services. Would you send me your pricing information and availability when you have a moment? Thanks!